2017 Conference Materials

This page provides presentation slides and other materials from our 2017 conference held in Portland, Oregon. Please note, some presenters, particularly those presenting unpublished research findings, did not grant permission for their materials to be posted here. Presentations that were filmed are available to view on our YouTube channel.

Keynote Presentation: Where Are We in Narcolepsy and Hypersomnia Research?
By: Emmanuel Mignot, MD, PhD

Paving the Path for Access to Treatments and Care
By: Catherine Blansfield, MA, BS, RN

Best Practices When Filing Disability Benefits
By: Mellani Calvin

Finding Your Voice on Capitol Hill (Youth Session)
By: Lindsey Cundiff

Leveraging Public Policy on Capitol Hill
By: Lindsey Cundiff

Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy - A Beginner's Road map (Adult Session)
By: Gina Dennis, CHC

Madcap Diet for Narcolepsy - A Beginner's Road Map (Youth Session)
By: Gina Dennis, CHC

Miss Oregon 2017: Navigating College, Adult Life, and Life as a Narcoleptic
By: Harley Emery

#LiftUsUp Campaign
By: Francois Hallema

Promoting an Event (taken from The Importance of Fundraising)
By: Keith Harper, Louise O'Connell, and Mark Patterson, MD, PhD

#nchat and How It Affects the Community
By: Mike Heil and Keith Harper

Narcolepsy and Aging: Optimizing Health and Happiness
By: Lois E. Krahn, MD

Narcolepsy and Employment: What Are Your Rights?
By: Andrew M. Narus, Esq.

Narcolepsy: Sleep, Dreams, and Spirituality
By: Rubin Naiman, PhD

Managing the Psychosocial Aspects of Narcolepsy
Ariel Neikrug, PhD

Rethinking Narcolepsy Treatment Options
By: Thomas Roth, PhD

Comorbidity and Narcolepsy
By: Chad Ruoff, MD

Different Narcolepsy Medications (including Baclofen)
By: Chad Ruoff, MD

Creating an Elevator Speech
By: Dean Suhr

Brain Donation Q&A
Todd J. Swick, MD

Narcolepsy 101
Todd J. Swick, MD