2018 Conference Materials

This page provides presentation slides and other materials from our 2018 conference held in Indianapolis, Indiana. Please note, some presenters, particularly those presenting unpublished research findings, did not grant permission for their materials to be posted here. Presentations that were filmed are available to view on our YouTube channel.

Narcolepsy in the Perioperative Setting: Is There Cause for Concern?
By: Dennis Auckley, MD

Quality of Life in Patients with Narcolepsy
By: Anne W. Batson, APRN, FNP-BC

How to Choose a Sleep Doctor
(presentation handout)
By: Thomas Freedom, MD, FAASM

Sleep Disorders
(presentation handout)
By: Thomas Freedom, MD, FAASM

Racing for Rest: Awareness, Education and Advocacy for Narcolepsy
By: Emily Kreuziger, PWN and Avid Snowmobiler

Organization in the Workplace
By: Darlene Kyle

You Too Can Hold a Fundraiser
By: Louise O’Connell and Mark Patterson, MD, PhD

Advocacy in the Narcolepsy Community
By: Carrie Ostrea

Sharing About You…Creating Your Own Elevator Speech
By: Dean Suhr