Mali developed narcolepsy with severe cataplexy suddenly at age 22.  Unlike most with narcolepsy, she was diagnosed within a couple of months of developing all of the classic symptoms in 1983.  In the mid- 90’s Mali was a participant in clinical trials at Stanford University’s Center for Narcolepsy.  Grateful to Stanford for the help she had received in managing her narcolepsy she first volunteered and then went on to work as the Clinical Research Coordinator at Stanford for 16 years.  Currently Mali works at Jazz Pharmaceuticals as a Manger of Patient Support Services & Advocacy .  Mali has served as  Board Member  of the Narcolepsy Network for six years (2003- 2009) and has participated in a number of projects as a narcolepsy advocate over the last 25 years.   Mali has had the pleasure of working with many 1000’s of people with narcolepsy from all over the world who have participated in research studies or were patients of the sleep clinic  and has been a speaker to patient groups and physicians throughout the US and internationally for the last 10 years.