Below are just a few ways you can volunteer at the conference. If you do not see anything that interests you, contact us and we will find a better fit. 

Friday - The start of the conference

  • Bag-stuffers: Meet other volunteers while we put together the swag bags for each attendee. This is a fun and easy way to volunteer.
  • Set-up: We will set up different areas (art area, merchandise area, registration) before the 3:00 PM Friday check-in.
  • Registration check-in: You will help sign-in each attendee. We will work in an assembly line to ensure a quick process. Staff members will be there with you if you have questions. You may be assisting with photo release forms, giving each attendee a conference bag, or finding attendees' name badge. You will not be taking any payments for new registrations. 
  • Tear-down: If there are any items that need to be put away for the evening, we will do so before the welcome reception.


  • Set-up and check-in: If you an early riser, this is perfect! We will set-up before breakfast is served. The majority of the attendees will check-in on Friday, but we will have the check-in area open to anyone arriving Saturday morning.
  • Room monitors: At any session you are attending, you can volunteer to be a room monitor. You will introduce yourself to the speaker(s) and let them know you will be signaling them when it's 15 minutes until the session is over, 5 minutes, and when the time is up. We will have an extra conference book near the registration for you to put your name down for a session. Monitors will be needed for both Saturday and Sunday sessions.
  • Tear-down: If there are any items that need to be put away for the evening, we will do so after the last session ends.

Sunday - The close of the conference

  • Set-up and check-in: We will once again set-up before the start of the first Sunday session.
  • Tear-down: At this time, not only will be collecting any item that was displayed over the weekend, but we will start to put everything back into boxes that will be shipped back to Narcolepsy Network. This will happen after the closing session

Other ways to participate

  • Photographer: Snap some photos at the conference! We will use the photos in our marketing materials, on our website, and on our social media. A camera will not be provided.
  • Writer: Do you love to write? Share your experience and your article may be published in our quarterly newsletter